Thursday, January 25, 2007

Dominican Video Postcards!

What's better than a postcard of the Dominican Republic - a Video Postcard!

Thanks to the producers of this short video (3 or 4 minutes) that takes a whistlestop tour around some of the sights, sounds and scenes of the Dominican Republic. You can almost taste that cool glass of Presidente...

Dominican Republic. - video powered by Metacafe

For more videos of resorts and a great documentary introduction to our lovely homeland please go visit: today!


Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Golf vacation - Experience the best of the Caribbean PLUS World Class Golf...

Find A Low Cost - High Quality Golfing Vacation in the Dominican Republic!

The Best of Both Worlds!

Long overdue golfing vacations in the Dominican Republic information is now here on! As an introduction to what will be developing into
a whole new section here is a a brief article about some of the top quality and low price Golfing vacations in the Dominican Republic that can be found:

See the article at - Golf vacation in the Dominican Republic

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Find out Secrets of world famous Dominican Mamajuana...

"...Much more than just liquid Viagra?!"

"...The most 'popular' type of Dominican Mamajuana recipe, however, is probably the one that is reckoned to emulate the effect of 'viagra'...for this the Mamajuana needs...

"The whole article - including the second and 'final' installment' - is NOW AVAILABLE as an e-book along with guidance for the preparation of Mamajuana liqueurs - and a selection of traditional recipes, and packed with useful brewing tips....

"Secrets of Dominican Mamajuana Revealed!"
Secrets E-Book

With a bottle of 'Mamajuana herbs' (maybe you have some you brought back from vacation?) you can now create your own 'perfect brew' at home. You can enjoy a glass of this traditional 'pick-me-up' as you watch the sun go down from your Manhattan appartment (or wherever)...and reminisce about those heady, hazy, lazy days spent soujourning in the DR!

We created the e-book 'The Secrets of Dominican Mamajuana Revealed' - so that anyone who wants to know more about this infamous 'beverage' and obtain a selection of genuine recipes (for both beginners and the more experienced) as well as a host of 'brewing tips' - could get the 'secret information' ;-) they needed - economically...and quickly...and at the same time...your 'small donation' of US$10 also helps towards the increasing costs of maintaining and managing"

See Full item at: Dominican Mamajuana Recipe



RE: Dominican Mamajuana & Dominican Mamajuana Recipe

The secret blend of herbs that form the basis of a Dominican Mamajuana recipe, and the variety of Mamajuana liqueurs that can be brewed from them – hold a very special place in the folklore and culture of the Dominican Republic. Whilst there are many traditional stories and "old wives' tales" about the efficacy and application of Mamajuana for a wide variety of ailments we would like to point out that makes NO CLAIMS whatsoever for there being any genuine, or specific medicinal benefits to be gained from consumption of this infamous folk-remedy.

There has never been, as far as we know, any reliable or extensive medical research to assess any claims that have ever been made for this product over many years of Dominican tradition. (Although there is much anecdotal and research infiormation about certain specific ingredients used in some Mamajuana recipes/herbal formulations).We feature this item an amusing example of the most traditional of Dominican cultural ‘novelties’. Almost everyone who has ever visited the Dominican Republic will have been introduced to Mamajuana – and we offer the opportunity here for people simply to obtain a ‘fun-memento’ of their sun-drenched Caribbean vacation, if they so wish.

We also remind anyone who purchases Mamajuana herbals for the purpose of brewing their own Mamajuana liqueur using any typical Dominican Mamajuana recipe (which will most likely include one, or more, types of alcoholic ingredients) that they should consume the resulting liquor responsibly, in moderation and in accordance with any current advice provided by their national/local medical advisory body in relation to safe levels of alcohol intake.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Visiting the Dominican Republic UPDATE

Have you seen these articles/links on site at Visiting the Dominican Republic?

Maybe you are planning a visit in December - see what it is like at Christmas in the Dominican Republic?...
Christmas traditions in the Dominican Republic

Our Mamajuana page now update with a new 'Secrets' e-book - Mamajuana recipes for making succesful Mamajuana liqueurs and more:

Picture this...A superb memento of the Dominican Republic
Dominican Repubic Photographs and more

Aug 23 2006

Thursday, June 22, 2006

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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Kiteboarding's Premier World Event in the DR

Visiting the Dominican Republic in June 2006?

Don't miss WORLD Kiteboarding Cup - Cabarete, 21-25 June 2006

The 7th World Kiteboarding Cup will be taking place in Cabarete and is organized by PKRA and other kiteboarding organizations based in the world's premier kiteboarding resort.

So be sure to make your way to Bozo Beach, Cabarete, Dominican Republic for 5 days of sun, sand, sea, sport and partying!


Sunday, February 26, 2006

Dominican Independence - PART-A-A-A-A-Y-Y-Y!

Yes, it's that time again! 27th February and 'Independence Day' in the Dominican Republic. As we have tried to summarize on the main site,,
it may not have been an easy ride since that day back in 1844 when General Pedro Santana was proclaimed the first President of the new Dominican Republic. Although Dominican Republic history has been chequered since that time - just now, in 2006, it may be that this Caribbean gem of a country is finally putting its problems into the past, and has a healthy future to look forward to!

Although times have not been easy for many ordinary Dominicans over the last few years - especially with the need for some tough economic measures to be applied in order for the current Government to pull the country back from the brink of bankruptcy (the legacy of the previous 'gangster' regime!) - it is now the case that the Dominican Republic is benefitting from huge investment, as it makes steady progress towards becoming the latest 'luxury destination' in the Caribbean.

The shaky period that the Dominican Republic experienced back in the early/mid nineteen-nineties when, for a time, tourism entrepreneurs made the questionable choice to become the 'Benidorm' of the Caribbean, seems to have been consigned to the past. Those days of shoddy quality hotels, poor service and 'food poisoning' did a good deal of damage to the destinations budding reputation as a serious tropical tourism contender. But in this new millennium the accent, as far as tourism development goes, has been on quality and luxury. With the latest developments in the Dominican Republic set to number amongst some of the best of the luxury Caribbean resorts, the country is set to have more than merely Independence to celebrate in the years to come.

With Independence Day also comes one of the Dominican Republic's biggest and best Carnivals, which will be passing along George Washington Avenue - otherwise 'El Malecon' - in Santo Domingo City itself! A great time is sure to be had by locals and tourists alike as the celebrations and the procession winds its 'well-oiled' way through the area known as 'the planet's biggest disco'!!

Congratulations - Dominican Republic! Let's drink to the hope that, at last, your time has really come!